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About Laboratory Diagnostic Services
Durdans Hospital has been trusted for generations to provide fast and accurate laboratory results. Our Laboratory Diagnostic Services perform various medical tests at state-of-the-art laboratories, ensuring results are delivered fast and accurately. Our sophisticated equipment is operated by highly qualified professionals adhering to global hospital laboratory standards.

Samples are bar-coded throughout the entire process, from collection to the issuing of results. The results are uploaded to our system, enabling medical staff to access them from anywhere in the hospital.

We offer numerous and comprehensive medical tests under the categories of Microbiology, Biochemistry, Haematology, Histopathology, Immunology, Molecular Biology (DNA testing) and Clinical Pathology. These tests may be routine, specialised or highly specialised.

With the increasing popularity of DNA-based diagnostic tests, our laboratories process and analyse samples using the most sophisticated technology. These methods are highly specific and extremely sensitive, giving fast and accurate results to aid the diagnosis of diseases such as dengue fever within 24 hours of the on-set of symptoms.

Our laboratory diagnostic services provide essential support to all medical areas and are a critical component of accurate and early diagnosis and subsequent treatment. Stringent internal and external quality checks on laboratory investigations are performed daily to maintain the standards required to ensure the accuracy of results.
Laboratories and Collection Centres
Durdans Hospital has an established network of laboratories and collection centres across the country for the convenience of our patrons. Most tests are conducted in our laboratories, ensuring the quick delivery of results. All specialised and highly specialised tests are performed at the laboratories in the hospital.
Contact numbers:
+94 (0)11 5410 347
+94 (0)11 5410 650
Ground Floor, Alfred Place Wing
Service Hours:
24 Hours
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