Customer Loyalty Programme

Our customer loyalty programme brings you access to a range of special offers and discounts. Collect points through every purchase at our hospital and lab network, and progress between loyalty tiers. All that’s required is for you to register your preferred mobile phone number with us.

Your mobile phone number functions as your loyalty ID. Only one number can be associated with a loyalty account at a time. If you would like your phone number changed on our system, please visit our Customer Care Office.

Loyalty Benefits:

Points are collected for each purchase at our hospital and laboratory network.
The number of points you have determines your loyalty tier. As you progress along tiers, your access to discounts and special offers increases!

LKR 1000/- = one loyalty point
* Points are collected according to the hospital fee, not the doctor’s charges.

Bronze: 1-24 points
Silver: 25-349 points
Gold: 350-949 points
Platinum: 950+ points

*Terms and conditions apply.

Register below with our mobile app

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Terms and Conditions

Patients will be registered through their phone number and NIC/Passport number during their first purchase.

At every purchase, the customer can collect loyalty points using their phone number.

No the points are not redeemable. They are used to move up the tiers to claim the discounts available in each tier.

The loyalty points are valid for 1 year.
After 1 year, the points will expire and refresh, going back down to 0.

However, you will remain in the final tier that you were in before the points expired and will collect loyalty points from 0.

You can claim all discounts at our hospital in Colombo, and lab investigations, cardiac investigations and radiology services will be available to claim at our lab network.

Customer Loyalty Programme Inquiries

    +94 76 8 375 492
    1344 helpline (24/7 access)