Durdans Hospital is a regional leader in the complex field of neurology, dedicated to exceptional patient care and cutting-edge scientific research. Our skilled neurologists have had enormous success treating patients diagnosed with brain trauma, epilepsy, sleep disorders, strokes, and neck and spine conditions.

We are equipped with the latest technology to undertake complex neurosurgery, including procedures to treat conditions causing stroke (such as haemorrhage and blood clots) and hydrocephalus (fluid collection in the brain), and to remove brain tumours. Beyond successful treatment, we empower our customers by providing a multidisciplinary approach specially designed to address individual needs. Based on your specialist’s recommendation, Durdans Hospital provides neuro-rehabilitation services that include occupational therapy, physiotherapy and speech therapy

Neurological Diagnostics

Neurological Surgery

  • Brain and spinal surgery
  • Neurovascular surgery

Neuro Physicians

  • Dr. A.T. Alibhoy
  • Dr. Senaka Bandusena
  • Dr. Harsha Gunasekara
  • Prof. Saman B. Gunathilake
  • Dr. Sudath Gunasekara
  • Dr. Janaka Waidyasekera
  • Dr. Gamini Pathirana
  • Dr. Deshamanya Vidyajyothi J.B. Peiris
  • Dr. Udaya Ranawaka
  • Dr. Ranjani Gamage
  • Dr. Padma Guneratne
  • Dr. Bimsara Senanayake
  • Dr. T. Thivakaran
  • Dr. Kishara Goonaratne
  • Dr. V. T. Rajendiran
  • Dr. Kamal Gunaratne

Neuro Surgeons

  • Dr. Sanjeewa Garusinghe
  • Dr. Nishantha Gunasekara
  • Dr. Prasanna Gunasena
  • Dr. Punsith Gunawardene
  • Dr. Jagath Kumar Rathugamage
  • Dr. Rohan Perera
  • Dr. Nirukshan Jayaweera
  • Dr. H.K. De S. Kularatne
  • Dr. Nilaksha Kumarasinghe
  • Dr. Jayantha Liyanage
  • Dr. Deepal Attanayake
  • Dr. Stravinsky Perera
  • Dr (Mrs.) Maheshi Wijeratne
  • Dr. Saman Wadanamby

Neuro Physiologist

  • Dr. Kamal Gunarathne

*Please note that this is not a complete list of all the treatments that we provide. Kindly consult one of our qualified healthcare specialists for an accurate diagnosis before starting on any treatments.

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