Learning and Education

Amrak Institute of Medical Sciences, a subsidiary of Durdans Hospital, is a pioneering institute offering a wide range of courses in Nursing and Allied Health Sciences for aspiring students in the healthcare industry. Amrak Institute aims to be more than just a school but a passionate community for students to grow together through innovation, excellence and integrity.

The institute is accredited by the Private Health Services Regulatory Council (PHSRC) ensuring that the same codes of practice as other Private Medical Institutions are followed, and Tertiary and Vocational Education Commission (TVEC) for high quality training courses. Affiliated with Durdans Hospital, students are given an opportunity to gain real-world experience within a globally accredited healthcare institute.

Some of our popular programs include the Certificate courses (FC in Nursing, FC in General Sciences, Diabetes Educator, Certificate in Elderly Caregiver and more), Diploma courses (HD in Nursing, Medical Laboratory Technician, HD in Biomedical Science, and more), as well as a series of in-depth and extensive Undergraduate programmes (Bachelor of Science in Nursing).

Amrak Institute offers established pathways to pursue further higher education or work placement in the United Kingdom or Australia through the relevant healthcare systems in each country. The NHS UK – Clinical Fellowship Programme is one such initiative Amrak has introduced over the past year for work placement opportunities in the UK.

At Amrak, students are provided with an opportunity to learn and grow in the Nursing and Allied Health industry with holistic training programmes and courses at Amrak Institute of Medical Sciences. For more information, contact our hotline: 077 797 4479