Plan Your Visit

Travelling abroad to receive medical treatment is a complicated and stressful process for patients and their families. At Durdans, we are available around the clock to ensure your visit is organized from beginning to end without hassle together with our dedicated international patient care team. Find out more about how to organize a seamless and convenient visit by following the steps below.

Visa Application

The first step for all international patients is to obtain a medical visa. Our team will assist you by providing visa recommendation letters and liaising with diplomatic missions to ensure a smooth entry to Sri Lanka.

Medical and Legal Documents

We advise our visitors to carry a sponsor letter(s) that declare the sponsorship of an institution such as an insurance company, corporate, NGO etc. In the case of online fund transfers, we recommend that you carry the respective receipts that establish proof of payment.

Travel Assistance

When you are ready to travel to Sri Lanka, you can send your itinerary to our international patient care team and we will arrange for a smooth transfer from airport to hospital as a complementary service.

Meet our team at the International Division

Our international patient care team will meet you on your first day at the hospital to discuss your case and schedule your doctor’s appointment. Our team is available around the clock for any kind of assistance that you may require during your stay.

Payment for Services

If you have wire transferred your funds to us, we kindly request that you share the details of the transfer with us. Our team can assist you with any type of currency that you may need to change.

Meeting the Consultant

After identifying your requirement, we will arrange a consultation with one of our experienced specialists who will provide you with a comprehensive diagnosis and outline a treatment plan with the course of action that you need to take for complete healing. Our guarantee of total confidentiality will ensure your privacy is prioritized during your time with us.

Commuting to the Hospital

Our team is at your disposal to help arrange transport to and from your accommodation.

Treatment Estimate

Before your arrival and during your stay, you will be given a treatment estimate, which will be updated at the end of your treatment with any additional cost incurrences due to any unavoidable circumstances that may occur.

Your Stay at the Hospital

We at Durdans welcome you to a facility where hospitality is a core ideal in our practice of providing patient care. Our expert consultants and highly trained staff will ensure you receive nothing but the best remedial treatment. Please contact our team for any assistance needed by patients and caregivers.

Before Leaving the Country

After your treatment is complete, please consult with our team to find out what procedures are required for your safe departure. Please ensure that you carry your medical documents, prescriptions, and other personal effects for your journey back.

After Returning Home

We at Durdans will be happy to assist you with any requirements even after your return. Please get in touch with us for any queries or comments.

  • Your travel itinerary
  • Travel documents and visa
  • Credit, cash, local currency
  • Medical documents and records in english

  • Financial, insurance & payment information
  • Suitable clothing for local weather conditions
  • Medications
  • MEDA formalities

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